About Us

About Us

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We are delighted to welcome you and your family as patients to the practice, allowing us to demonstrate our excellence in procedural services, values and personal approach to patient care.

At The Dentists Cairns Dental Group, we offer case specific, personally tailored dental treatment plans to suit you and your individual needs. Our goal—to leave you feeling completely confident in our abilities and satisfied with the result.

Our dental team provide a variety of services from general dental care, cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, orthodontics and implant therapy.

 Our Philosophy

The Dentists Cairns Dental Group focuses on delivering exceptional dental care using cutting-edge and conservative treatment techniques with an emphasis on making each visit comfortable and productive. Our practice strives to provide the highest quality dental care and pride ourselves on delivering helpful and friendly advice while constantly developing our services, ensuring all our patients have access to the latest and the most effective dentistry.  The professionals and staff are strongly committed to ongoing development and training to improve the standard of services and patient care.

In an effort to effectively cater to our multinational client base, we also have trained dental staff that can speak English, Japanese and Indian.

Our Team

Dr Nirav Vidyarthi

Dr Nirav Vidyarthi is classified in Australia as a general dentist but is an award winning graduate of Dentistry who has completed a Masters in Maxilliofacial Prosthodontistry and has also been awarded a fellowship of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry; the only Australian bestowed the honour. Dr Nirav is currently working toward recognition as a Prothodontist in this country. Nirav’s interest and extensive work within the field of Implant Dentistry spans over 25 years, his knowledge and expertise within this area is unsurpassed.

Sometimes teeth don’t last a lifetime and a dental implant is a possible solution. Dental implants provide a number of benefits for those seeking alternative solutions to problems created by the loss of a tooth. These benefits include:

  • Renewed ability to chew
  • Improved speech
  • Restoration of facial aesthetics
  • Preservation of remaining jaw bone structure
  • Reduction of possible gum problems and infections

The above benefits lead to increased confidence and self esteem.

Nirav is more than happy to discuss the multiple benefits of implants, your suitability and what you can expect during implant placement surgery.  He is a dedicated professional committed to his work and the success his outstanding patient care provides.

Dr Daniel Baines

Born and raised in South East Queensland – Completed his studies at the University of Sydney and has been working as a private dentist for almost 10 years.  He enjoys all aspects of general dentistry.  As Daniel has an interest in Orthodontics, this is something that he may pursue in the future and hopefully he can offer patients this facility in the years to come.

Daniel is building his home in Cairns and intends to be with the practice for the long-term.  he loves everything outdoors, from the beach, to barbecue and of course he is an avid sports fan.  He also has an affinity for travel and a real passion for exploring new places and seeing new things.

Dr Daniel Baines is a wonderful caring dentist, if you wish to see him, please call us now as he is taking bookings.


Dr Manjiri Vidyarthi

Dr Manjiri Vidyarthi is a general dentist who has a special interest in Endodontics and nearly 20 years dental experience within the field of dentistry.

Also know as root canal therapy, endodontic treatment is focused on relieving the extreme pain and discomfort of infections in the tissue of your teeth, known as the pulp. The pulp contains the blood and nerve endings within the tooth and serves to nourish the tooth during development. When it becomes infected the nerve endings within the pulp can become severely painful and uncomfortable and may require root canal therapy.

During root canal therapy the infected pulp is removed from the tooth. The root canal is then cleaned and disinfected before the remaining cavity is filled and sealed to prevent any further infections. Root canal therapy saves teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted and, importantly, it does not affect the functionality or appearance of the tooth.

If you are after a caring dentist who has had experience within this field of dentistry, then please call now to see Manjiri.




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